Tilt Train at full Tilt: The 2004 Berajondo (Australia) Tilt Train Derailment


The location of Berajondo on Australia’s northeastern coast.
The site of the accident north of Berajondo, the train came from the south (bottom of the image)

The train involved

A simulation of a tilt-train’s suspension at work.
“City of Townsville”, the train involved in the accident, photographed after extensive repairs in May 2007.

The accident

A speed sign identical to those found between Berajondo and Baffle. It dictates 75kph for the tilting trains and 60 for conventional ones.
The speed board ahead of the site, with the derailed train in the background.


Mister Pauza standing next to two of the destroyed cars a few days after the accident.
The title-photo from the report showing the forward part of the train lying alongside the track.
A photo from the report showing the food and bottle found loose in the cab after the accident.
A laser scan of the site as shown in the report, showing the slight “trench” the leading power car dug as it went off the tracks.
Mister Pauza at the site of the accident in 2014, the train derailed into the meadow behind him.

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