They dropped a Bridge on him: The 2020 Auggen Bridge Collapse.


The location of Auggen in Europe.
The overpass at the site of the accident, photographed before reconstruction began.

The train involved

A BLS-provided rolling road photographed in August 2020.
RE 485 004–6, the locomotive involved, photographed in 2014.

The accident

Mere minutes before the collision an enthusiast takes this photo of the train, just 8km/5mi north of the site.
The aftermath of the collision, photographed after responders start arriving.
Another look from the other side, showing the damage to the loaded trucks.


Responders making their way into the severely damaged forward section of the sleeper car.
The former driver’s cabin of the locomotive, after the concrete slab is removed and the driver’s body recovered.
This video, filmed on the 10th of April, shows several trains saluting the driver.

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