Temporarily Sided: The 1980 Buttevant (Ireland) Derailment


The location of Buttevant in Europe.
The approximate site of the accident at Buttevant station seen from above today, note that the station was downsized since the accident.

The train involved

A Craven-type passenger car identical with those making up the center section of the train.
CIE Class 71 Number 075, the locomotive pulling the train involved in the accident, photographed in 2006.

The accident


A section of the wreckage showing jackknifed Craven-type passenger cars.
Two damaged cars from the train sitting near the site of the accident after being pulled from the wreckage.
An unrecognizable piece of debris photographed during the cleanup-process (apologies for the watermark).
Responders pulling the wreckage apart by hand while searching for victims and survivors (apologies for the watermark).
The memorial erected at Buttevant Station (left) and the plaque with the names and origins of the victims (right).
A Mark 4 intercity train photographed in 2012 running cab-car first.



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