Switched Cables: The 2004 Süßen Train Collision


The location of Süßen in Europe.
The approximate site of the collision, right on the south-eastern end of Süßen station.

The trains involved

120 001 being unveiled in 1979.
The train involved in the accident, filmed by enthusiasts the day before the accident.
426 011 photographed in Geislingen in 2003.

The accident

A photo taken by a passerby after responders arrive, showing the mangled and jammed trains.
The other side of the wreckage, the entire first class (half the forward car) has been obliterated.


THW-workers inside the remains of 426 011, preparing to install temporary wheel sets.
752 001 at Süßen station before being covered up with tarps.
752 001 nearing the end of it’s disposal in May 2004.
426 013 in service in 2019.




Train crash reports and analysis, published weekly.

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