Snowy Signals: The 2010 Buizingen(Belgium) Train Collision


The location of Buizingen in Europe.
The site of the accident seen from above, E3678 came from the north (top of the image).

The trains involved

AM62 #214, the leading unit of E3678, photographed in August 2008.
A pushed passenger train consisting of cars identical with those involved in the accident.
Series 21 #2111, the locomotive pushing the IC involved, photographed in September 2008.

The accident

A graphic from the report showing the paths of the IC (green), EE3678 (red) and an uninvolved train (yellow). Note that “north” is to the right.


The leading car of E3678 lying in the wreckage, the drivers cab was completely destroyed.
The wreckage seen from the air, with E3678’s destroyed leading car in the foreground.
The second car of E3678 and one of the IC’s cars at the center of the wreckage, easily mistaken for being the leading cars.
The memorial near the site of the accident on the day it was officially finished.


An English language news report from the day of the accident, showing the wreckage.


The wreckage as shown in the movie “Death Note” until it was removed in 2019.

Train crash reports and analysis, published weekly.