Sleepless Staff: The 2016 Hoboken (USA) Derailment


The location of Hoboken in the northeastern USA.
Hoboken Terminal seen from above with the site of the accident marked in red.

The train involved

NJ Transit cab car #6036, the leading car from the accident, photographed in 2011.

The accident

One of the rigid buffer stops at Hoboken Terminal.
Workers examining the destroyed roof of the cab car.


The collapsed station roof with the cab car stuck below it, photographed a few days after the accident.
A graphic showing OSA in effect, with tissue blocking both the oral and nasal airway.
Investigators at the side of the cab-car, rain can be seen coming in from the torn station roof.
Part of the crashed train photographed from a helicopter through the hole in the station roof.
A modern Swiss buffer stop, capable of slowing an 850t train from 15kph/9mph to standstill with no risk of damage or injury.

History repeats itself

The cab of the train involved in the 2017 accident, stuck in the remains of the wall it struck.



Train crash reports and analysis, published weekly.

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