Skipping Toll Takes a Toll: The 2015 Studénka Level Crossing Collision


The location of Studénka in Europe.
The point of impact, just east of Studénka station.

The vehicles involved

680 003, the train involved in the crash, photographed 2 years prior.
A Scania P124 420 similar to the one involved in the accident, the main difference being the higher roof with a bed above the driver missing on this one.
A Krone SDP 27 canvas trailer similar to the one pulled by Mr. Sondaj.

The accident:

Mister Černý in his official company portrait.
The approximate view (with the barriers up and no traffic) Mr. Sondaj had as he approached the crossing.
Surveillance footage showing the truck driving into the crossing, being struck, and Mr. Sondaj stepping out afterwards.
The cabin of the truck as shown in the report, pointing the wrong way.
The damage to the elevator building (left) and station platform (right).
Surveillance footage from the station, showing the collision in the distance and the train racing into the station.
The two wheels sitting on the platform, 288m/945ft from the crossing.
Responders working on the destroyed leading car, which has part of the truck and a power line post sticking out of it.


The interior of the leading car, showing the severe destruction of the forward section.
The leading car in storage, showing how far everything was pushed back.
Mister Sondaj in court.
A photo montage showing what the proposed underpass would look like.



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