Shitty Shortcut: The 2010 Rüningen (Germany) Truck Collision


The location of Brunswick-Rüningen in Europe.
The site of the accident seen from above, the train came from the south (bottom of the image) and the truck from the west (left) until it reached the crossing. Note the gate circled in blue.

The vehicles involved

An MAN F90 similar to the one involved, the exact design of the rear section couldn’t be determined.
DB 628 621, the unit involved in the accident, photographed in nearby Goslar in 2008.

The accident


The driver’s cab of the train as it sat in the wreckage, debris filled the forward part where the driver sat.
A photo from the report showing the tire marks between the tracks.
A torn out axle sitting by the side of the wreckage, having dug itself into the wet soil.
One of the tested windows after 2 strikes, the shattered inner pane conceals the intact outer pane.
The driver’s cab of the train, a piece of the truck went through the windshield like a spear.
A row of DB series 628 in storage in 2020.

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