Shattered Lollipop: The 1964 Cheadle Hulme (England) Derailment

The location of Cheadle Hulme in Europe.
The site of the accident today, the train approached from the bottom center (southeast). Note that the surroundings changed since the accident.

The train involved

BR Standard Class 5 number 73043, identical with the locomotive involved, photographed in 1963

The accident

Looking back towards the site of the accident in 2007, the bridge can be seen in the distance on the right. This gives an impression of how tight the turn was.
Investigators inspecting one of the worse-damaged cars.


Policemen checking inside one of the train cars, the damage to the platform shows the path the train took.
Another view of the train cars at the platform, the train barely missed the ticket booth building.
An aerial photo (supposedly) showing the rear of the train sitting on the remains of the temporary bridge.
Ms Tiernan in a 2014 interview, showing an album with photos and articles regarding the accident and her recovery.
British Rail Class 5 number 73084, one of five surviving units, photographed in 2017 after finishing restoration.



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