Seriously Selfish: The 2005 Glendale (USA) Train Crash


The location of Glendale in the southwestern corner of the USA.
The site of the accident seen from above, the main train involved came from the north (top of the image).

The vehicles involved

A Jeep Cherokee similar to the one driven by Mister Álvarez.
Metrolink bilevel cab car 603, identical to the one leading train #100 at the time of the accident.
Metrolink #873, the locomotive pushing train #100, photographed a year after the accident.
Metrolink #886, the locomotive leading the northbound train, pulling a similar train in 2006.
Union Pacific #4323, the locomotive leading the freight train, pulling another locomotive in 2003.

The accident


The severely damaged northbound train sitting in the wreckage, having uprooted a signal bridge along the way.
A cab car used with steam trains in 1930’s Germany, one of the earliest examples.
A graphic from the report showing the destroyed areas of the leading cab car.
The northbound train’s second to last car, which suffered extensive damage when struck by the derailing southbound train.
A German bilevel cab car from 1992, featuring a very distinctive driver’s cab. This is the same age as the first generation Metroliner cab cars.
A graphic from the report showing how the frames buckled inwards before breaking.
The damage left by the rear of the cab car striking the northbound train, as pictured in the report.
The remains of the southbound train next to the fallen over freight train locomotive.
The new Hyundai Rotem bilevel cab cars, featuring a distinct driver’s cab compared to the old Bombardier counterparts.



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