Scraped past Disaster: The 2004 Efringen-Kirchen (Germany) ICE Collision


The location of Efringen-Kirchen in the extreme southwest corner of Germany.
The site of the accident seen from above (red marker) and the path ICE 600 took from there (white line).

The vehicles involved

Tz 321 “Krefeld” photographed leading a double-traction in 2008.
Tz 185 “Freilassing”, the second ICE involved in the accident, photographed in 2013.
A small tiller being used in a vineyard, similar to what was happening on the day of the accident.

The accident

A police officer stands in the remains of the tractor as he examines the train.


The leading car of ICE 600 being re-tracked, showing broken glass and scratches from being sideswiped by the oncoming ICE 271.
ICE 600 sitting at the site some hours after the accident.
Tz 321 before being re-tracked, halfway off its track towards the oncoming side.
Tz 321 in regular service in April 2020.
A map of the new tunnel (red) compared to the old rail line (black), the blue dot marks the site of the accident.

History repeats itself

The aftermath of the accident at Lambrecht, the truck cut a huge gash into the side of the train.



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