Overstretched: The 2007 Grayrigg (England) Derailment


The location of Grayrigg in Europe.
The site of the accident seen from above, the train came from the west (left side of the frame).

The train involved

A Virgin Trains Pendolino identical to the one involved in the accident, photographed in 2011.

The accident

An aerial photo of the wreckage, the train travelled left to right.


The leading car (far right) sitting in the wreckage next to the rest of the train the morning after the accident.
The second car got caught on a catenary support pole as it spun around.
The set of points sitting in the investigation’s lab a few days after the accident.
A simplified graphic showing the function of a set of points, the switch rail is marked in red.
The detached locking stretcher bar (left) and the first, improperly attached permanent stretcher bar (right) as shown in the report.
Impact markings on top of the switch rail shown above, this is where the leading axle mounted the switch rails, dooming the train.
The location of the main bolt as it was found (left) and the indentation from being trapped by the switch rail (right).
Photos from the report showing the two sections of the second permanent stretcher bar.
A ladder left behind by responders accessing one of the overturned train cars.
The NMT “Flying Banana” photographed in operation in 2011.
Police officers standing guard at the wreckage.
A photo of the leading motor car after being recovered from the site, most of the front end damage stems from running over a catenary support pole
The interior of car 2 after being uprighted, with the wall slightly buckled inward and several seats displaced after tearing off their mounts.
Workers stabilize the adjacent field for heavy cranes that can recover the wrecked train.
The rear car from the train involved in the accident heading to the training center after being repaired.



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