Not Looking Right: The 2014 Mannheim Train Collision


The location of Mannheim in Germany.
The site of the accident, the platforms begin just a few meters to the west.

The trains involved

101 067–7 with a similar train, photographed in 2019.
EC 216 racing control car first through Austria towards Germany in 2013.
A type Sggmrs container car identical to the ones making up the freight train.
DGS 40635 photographed an hour before the accident.

The accident

The signal-placement as the trains approached Mannheim main station.
The aftermath as shown in the report, with two cars on their sides and 1116–074 completely off the tracks.


The emergency response train (foreground), stationed just a few meters from the site of the accident.
A sketch of the 3 trains’ paths, the blue stripe shows the blocked option. The S-Bahn could only go straight ahead, but the freight train was going to turn left, having voided the signal-system.
1116 074, repaired and repainted, in 2016.

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