No Peace in the Pinzgau: The 2005 Bramberg (Austria) Train Collision


The location of Bramberg am Wildkogel in Europe.
The approximate site of the collision, just east of Bramberg am Wildkogel.

The trains involved

2095.002–8, the locomotive pulling RZ 3313, pulling a nearly identical train in October 2004.
The two locomotives involved in the accident, wearing an older livery, photographed at the depot in 1998.

The accident

The aftermath of RZ 3310’s leading car forcing itself into the following car. 1 passenger died in the left car, 3 were trapped but survived.


Looking down the side of the wreckage at RZ 3313’s bicycle car (left) and the destroyed locomotives (right).
The “Griffon” at the site, before helping the crane in the background to pull the trains apart.
One of the bycicle-cars sitting in the wreckage, their sturdy (meant for heavier loads of days gone by) frames transferred most forces to the following passenger cars.
The two locomotives in storage on the 15th of May 2006 (left) and 2095.003–6 heading to the scrapyard a day later.
A row of diesel locomotives loaded onto regular gauge freight cars for export to Romania in 2015, among them the two 2095 (positions 2 and 3).


My grandfather’s 1/22.5-scale model of a series 2095, made by LGB.

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