Mismanaged Mayhem: The 2011 Wenzhou (China) Train Collision


The location of Wenzhou in eastern China.
The site of the accident seen from above, both trains were coming from the north (top of the image).

The trains involved

A CRH1-unit identical to the one involved photographed at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station in 2011.
A CRH2E-unit identical to the one involved in the accident photographed in 2017.

The accident


Responders dropping D301’s fourth car completely off the bridge.
One of D3115’s cars being recovered from the wreckage.
Excavators burying the ripped up wreckage at the site the day after the accident.
A graphic explaining the fatal flaw of the operating software.
CRH2–139E, the train that was buried after the accident, photographed 5 months before the accident.
Cars 3 and 4 from CRH1–046B photographed at a training center in Beijing.
Cranes remove a train car from the bridge.



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