Jammed in Traffic: The 2018 Buseck Level Crossing Collision


The site of the accident seen from above, the train came from the southeast (bottom-right of the image).
The location of Buseck in Europe.

The vehicles involved

A semi-trailer very similar to the one involved in the accident.
HLB VT 305, identical with the train involved, photographed in late 2017.

The accident

Pieces of the truck’s cargo spread out along the path of the train.


Looking south towards the crossing, showing the wreckage of the trailer.
Graphics from the report showing how turning buses block the road (left) and how eastbound traffic blocks westbound cars turning left (right).
A cameraman filming next to an axle which had been torn from the trailer.
The damaged level crossing lights photographed after the accident.
HLB VT 303, the train involved in the accident, photographed a year before the accident.



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