Invisible Death: The 2005 Graniteville Train Collision


The location of Graniteville in the southeast of the USA.
The site of the accident seen from above today. The gate used to be at the upper edge of the image and the School used to be the Office Building.

The trains involved

NS #4622, the locomotive pulling P22, photographed at an unknown point before the accident.
NS #6653, the locomotive leading NS 192, photographed with a similar train in September 2001.

The accident

The points on the main line as shown in the report, the indicator shows white as the points are set for the main line.


A graphic from the report, showing the final location of all the locomotives and cars affected by the collision.
The ruptured car during recovery of the remaining cargo, note that it had been rotated to move the puncture to the top.
NS 192’s leading locomotive (left) and P22’s locomotive (right) sitting at the site after the accident.
The wreckage during recovery, you can see the spilled fuel flowing away from the derailed locomotives.
NS 192’s leading locomotive, #6653, during repairs in 2009 before being renumbered.
The industry track being removed in 2019 (Google StreetView)
The memorial for the accident, telling what happened (left) and listing the names of the immediate victims (right).




Train crash reports and analysis, published weekly.

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