Into the Overpass: The 2008 Studénka Bridge Collision


The location of Studénka relative to other cities in Europe.
The site of the accident seen from above, the train came from the right (east).

The train involved

A Eurocity very similar to the one involved pulled by an identical series 151 locomotive photographed in February 2008.

The accident

A translated sketch of the construction site, showing the temporary structure, the new/repaired section of the bridge and (translucent) where it ended up instead.
The engine room of a series 151, the sturdy construction allowed the driver to survive the collision


Bystanders watching the recovery-effort next to the collapsed support structure.
The destroyed locomotive during recovery, showing that both driver’s cabs were severely compressed in the accident.
The destroyed locomotive sitting in the wreckage (left) and a piece of the side of one of the passenger cars (right).
The remains of a destroyed train car sitting next to the tracks as a train passes the site (19th of August 2008).
The memorial standing next to the new bridge, the brown and silver metal pieces are from the collapsed bridge.
CD 151 020–5 photographed in June 2020.
The new bridge as seen on Google StreetView, the memorial is visible on the right. The image is from 2019.

Tragedy strikes twice



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