High Speed Train in a Hurry: The 2015 Eckwersheim TGV Derailment


The location of Eckwersheim relative to other cities in Europe.
The site of the accident at the beginning of the southern canal bridge.
A graphic from the accident’s German Wikipedia-page, showing the LGV Est (muddy green) merge into the existing Paris-Strasbourg rail line.

The train involved

The Jacob Bogie between two middle cars of a TGV Duplex.
TGV Dasye #744, the train involved in the accident, showing its special livery few weeks before the accident.

The accident

Footage from an onboard surveillance camera, showing the train speed into the turn and derail on the bridge.
Car 8 sitting in the wreckage, hiding the remains of car 9. Note the oil on the canal.


A photo taken by a witness moments after the crash, showing the smoke as the crashing train caught fire.
A photo of the site taken by a police helicopter soon after the crash, showing the expansive wreckage. The forward section of the leading car is at the upper right of the wreckage.
Photos from the report showing the scratches on the rails and furrows in the ballast.
A photo from the report showing the obliterated left hand parapet compared to the intact one on the right.
A translated photo from the report, showing the three options for stopping the train.
The remains of two middle cars sitting in the wreckage, giving an idea of the forces involved.
The rear motor car being recovered from the water, you can see the buckle in the body to the left of “LGV”.
Officials laying down flowers at Strasbourg station (left), the steel wall (center) and one of the pillars (right) at the memorial.
The wreckage of the train haphazardly covered up in storage before being eventually scrapped.


An uncommented news-video about the derailment showing footage of the responders at the site.

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