Fatal Field Trip: The 1954 Abenheim Level Crossing Collision


The location of Abenheim in Europe.
The approximate route of the (since removed) railway, with the site of the accident marked in red.
The approximate site of the level crossing, with the bus coming from the right and the train from the top of the image. The roads were arranged differently in 1954.

The vehicles involved

A different Series 74 pulling a regional train similar to P3912.
An MAN MKH4 bus with a Hubertia-made body, most likely the model involved in the accident.

The accident

The rear of the bus after the accident, the entire center section between the wheels was destroyed.


The coffins lined up at the funeral, surrounded by mourners.
The memorial in 2019, after some landscaping.
74 1230, the best-preserved Series 74, on display in Berlin in 2019.



Train crash reports and analysis, published weekly.

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