End of the Line: The 2004 Ufton Nervet (England) Level Crossing Collision

The location of Ufton Nervet in Europe.
The site of the accident photographed from above a month after the accident. The train came from the east (right) and the car from the bottom-right (southeast).

The vehicles involved

British Rail Class 43 #43126, identical with the one involved, photographed in 2005.
An IC125 identical to the unit involved in the accident, photographed in November 2004.
A third generation Mazda 323, nearly identical with the one involved in the accident (left) and two police officers reconstructing the car’s final position in an identical car (right).

The accident

The rear locomotive after the accident, with the wreckage piling up beyond it


The remains of the car sitting by the side of the tracks the next day.
Car F sitting in the wreckage, having folded halfway down its length.
A graphic from the report reconstructing the moment of the impact.
Cars G, H and the leading power car (left) sitting alongside car E (right).
One of the cars being recovered from the site a few days after the accident.
The memorial garden photographed in 2015.
A class 802 multiple unit, the IC125’s replacement at First Great Western.
The new bridge at the site of the accident seen from above, running to the east of the original route.



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