Collapsed like a House of Cards: The 2012 Hosena Train Collision


The site of the accident seen from above, the siding branches off to the top, the steel mill is on the bottom.

The trains involved

ITL 285 109, the locomotive pulling DSG 92505, photographed in 2020.
ITL 186 140, the westbound locomotive, photographed 9 months before the accident.

The accident

DGS 49325’s path from Schwarzkollm (on the right) to Hosena station 9.5km/5.9mi down the tracks.


The forward end of ITL 186 140 sitting in the wreckage, not even one headlight-pair remained undamaged.
The piled up wreckage of the two trains seen from the west (left) and east (right).
The debris that used to be the two stories high signal box, you can see part of it’s interior on the right.
A dog searching the debris of the signal box for a trace of the missing employee.
A photo from the report, marking the flat spot on a torn out axle.
The closed main valve on the back of ITL 186 140 (note that the photo was rotated 90° for the report as the locomotive was on it’s side).
ITL 186 140, lacking the pantographs on the roof due to width-limits, being removed from the site.
A news video showing the aftermath of the collision.

History repeats itself

The destroyed locomotive from the 2013 collision, you can see a freight car’s axle sit on top of it on the right.




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