By want of a Year: The 2003 Gsteigwiler Train Collision


The location of Gsteigwiler in Europe.
The type of rack rail used on the BOB’s steepest sections.
The site of the accident seen from above.

The trains involved

Unit 313 pulling a train identical to the one involved in the accident, photographed in 2017.
ABeh 4/4 I number 305, the unit pulling the southbound train, photographed in 1988 wearing the old beige-brown livery similar to the one used at the time of the accident.

The accident

A photo from the report showing the double-track section. The northbound train came from the left hand track while the points were set up to direct a train into the right hand track.


B 273, the northbound train’s leading car seen from the inside (left) and outside (right).
ABeh 4/4 I number 305 in the aftermath of the accident (left) and after repairs and a repaint in 2017 (right).
One of the new ABDeh 8/8 three-part multiple units photographed in May 2020. These trains have effectively taken over all services on the BOB’s network.

Train crash reports and analysis, published weekly.

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