By the Numbers: The 2017 Meerbusch-Osterath Train Collision


The location of Meerbusch-Osterath in western Europe.
The site of the accident seen from above, both trains came from the south (bottom of the image).

The trains involved

A pair of Falrrs 152 ballast cars identical to those involved in the accident, photographed in 2009.
National Express Rail Talent 2 #861, the train involved in the accident, leading a double-traction as RE7 in January 2016.

The accident

The traffic control system used by the traffic supervisor. The red bars show trains, the black lines are the track.
A red signal being overridden with a Zs1 replacement signal, the three white dots allow drivers to disregard the red light.
The wreckage the following morning, showing the massive buckle in the passenger train.


The wreckage seen from above the morning after the accident.
The leading car during recovery (left) and the untouched crash protection structures on an identical train (right).
The heavy duty crane removing the damaged train cars from the tracks.


An English language news report showing footage of the aftermath.

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