Brakeless into the Basement: The 1988 Gare de Lyon Train Collision


The location of Gare de Lyon in Europe.
The approximate site of the location, right below Gare de Lyon’s main hall.

The trains involved

A Z 5300 train, identical to the one providing service #153951, parked at the site of the accident in 2008.
A double-traction of 4-part Z5300, near-identical to the one involved in the accident, photographed in 1993.

The accident

Maisons-Alfort is just 5.8km/3.6mi linear distance from Gare de Lyon, the route the train took was barely longer.
A photo taken moments after the collision, showing the mangled cars. The censored area hides a passenger of the involved trains.
Responders climbing into and onto the crashed trains.
The driver’s cab of the runaway train after the trains were separated.
The memorial at the platform, photographed in 2008.
The last two surviving cars on their way to the Museum in April 2016.


An english-language version (ignore the German lettering) of the episode on Youtube.

Train crash reports and analysis, published weekly.