Barely Braking: The 1882 Hugstetten (Germany) Derailment


The location of Hugstetten in Europe (with today’s borders).
The site of the accident seen from above today, none of the roads were there at the time of the accident. The train came from the southeast (bottom-right of the image).

The train involved

The “Randen”, a locomotive identical to the one involved in the accident.

The accident

A photo of a passenger car similar to those making up the train, this one being a first- and second class compartment car.
A photo taken the day after the accident, the train derailed on completely straight track.


A sketch created by a witness showing the wreckage and an impression of the beginning rescue-effort.
A telegram sent by a family from Reichenweier to Freiburg the day after the accident, trying to find out if their son and daughter survived.
The memorial still standing at the site today (left) and the message on the pedestal (right).



Train crash reports and analysis, published weekly.

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