A Light in the Distance: The 2013 Granges-près-Marnand Train Collision.


The location of Marnand in Europe.
The site of the collision seen from above.

The trains involved

SBB “Domino” RBDe 560 244, identical to the train involved, photographed in March 2013.
BT 29–35 950, the control car leading at the time of the accident, photographed 6 months before the accident.

The accident

The site of the collision on Google StreetView, the signal is just beyond the nearest catenary support.


The forward section of RE 4049 as it’s being towed away, giving an idea of the forces involved in the crash.
A (translated) sketch from the report, showing the final position of the trains.
Survivors being evaluated and treated next to the wreckage.
A photo from the report showing the proximity of the site of the collision to the misread signal (52ft).
Another look at the wreckage, showing that the Domino hadn’t even really left the station.
A Domino-train photographed in March 2021, travelling as an Intercity from Basel to Biel.

History nearly repeats itself



Train crash reports and analysis, published weekly.

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